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IoT Essential Guide for DIY Projects

Internet of Things (IoT) and the Smart Home are device concepts that have been steadily gaining popularity with consumer companies. The idea is simple—connect devices, especially home appliances or systems, to the internet to make them “smarter” or easier to use. Essentials of IoT Guide will help you choose the right components you need to build your very own IoT smart-home projects from scratch! We are not limited to just finding and buying smart home products—why not make them ourselves?

Topics Covered in IoT Essential Guide:

  • Microcontroller and basic computer options for your IoT projects
  • Overview of various types of sensors and how to implement them in IoT projects
  • List of Do-It-Yourself IoT project ideas
  • Networking and internet connection board options

Enter to Win a FREE Sensor Evaluation Kit!

By downloading the guide, you will automatically enter to win for a sensor evaluation kit by Rohm Semiconductor. The kit is compatible with Arduino Uno and mbed, and will include the following:

  • 1 sensor shield board
  • 8 individual sensors including the followings:
    1. Accelerometer Module KX022-1020
    2. Barometric Pressure Module BM1383GLV
    3. Geomagnetic Sensor Module BM1422GMV
    4. ALS/Proximity Sensor Module RPR-0521RS
    5. Color Sensor Module BH1745NUC
    6. Hall Effect Sensor Module BD7411G
    7. Temperature Sensor Module BD1020HFV
    8. UV Sensor Module ML8511A
  • 1 Optical Pulse Wave Sensor(BH1790GLC)


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